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Thank you South Africa!

Last month I was invited as an international speaker at the South African Council of Shopping Centres Conference at Sun City. Well they recorded the whole thing, and here you can watch me talk about retail design, biophilia, maker spaces, supermarkets designed by computer game developers, chewing gum, life, the Metaverse and everything.

Thank you to Tasnim Mustan and #SACSC for the invitation and everyone I met there for a very warm South African welcome.

Till the next time…

"Such a pleasure having Gary McCartney at the 2022 SACSC Conference. Gary’s wealth of knowledge of the retail space and the roles design plays has certainly left our delegates with food for thought.

His insight on designing of future retail spaces, strategy behind the ideas, plugging physical retail into online and designing for relevance and experience has given inspiration to landlords and retailers to spruce up the Customer Experience."

- Tasnim Munsan, SACSC


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