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How Do We Design for More Holistic Healthcare Practices?

design for holistic health
A Holistic Health Community

This week I had a conversation with my pharmacist about how the retail health category could be a lot more relevant, useful and arguably more profitable. It should be focused on wellbeing and illness prevention rather than treatment. Working towards customers’ present and future health rather than simply responding to their ailments as they acquire them. It would make health-based shopping a much more positive and joyful experience.


Our concept is a shopping community based on good health. It could be a precinct within a shopping centre, or it could even be a standalone healthcare design concept.  Fashion, food retail, specialty stores would be there, but selected on the criteria of positive health benefits to customers.


We see it as a holistic combination of:

Medicine: Alongside practitioners’ offices, there would be wellbeing consultancies like sleep therapy, chiropractic and psychotherapy. There would be a place for pharmacies but with a focus on pro active health.

Exercise: Medicine would co-exist with exercise studios, yoga and pilates, fitness equipment and clothing.

Nutrition: The third side of the triangle with natural food stores, cafes and restaurants. 


The whole thing in a fully sustainable healthy, supportively designed healthcare building or precinct. Lots of fresh air, outdoor space, and light. And supported by a smart online infrastructure.


It would be dedicated to maintaining and improving good health for the healthy and making life easier for people who need help.


What would this holistic healthcare practice look like? Get in touch.


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