Sleep Clinic 




Helping customers awaken their best.



People who need sleep apnea devices tend to be anxious, stressed and above all very tired. To respond to their needs we created the world’s first customer centred retail environment for sleep apnea.

Our goal was to create a safe, reassuring and relaxing environment for diagnosis, prescription and fitting. Our interior design incorporates distinct zones for decompression, lounge, retail and consultation. 

This customer group is at particular risk from COVID and we responded to this in the design. Subtle but effective screening of the reception counter and management of appointments and customer flow were important. But it was careful articulation of space that was most effective in making customers feel safe and secure.


It turned out that customers are happy to have consultations in the informal lounge and retail locations, with less reliance on smaller, more private counsulting rooms. Our consideration of acoustic privacy helped greatly with this. This learning has had positive implications on the size and layout of the service centres that have been rolled out since the flagship.


The gentle curves, lighting, subtle colour palette and Zen-like atmosphere of the space have helped to de-stress customers and enabled them to “awaken their best”.


Built by: Krueger

Photographed by: Tom Ferguson

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