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A New York Retail Minute: Light and Colour

In a mostly grey New York winter it’s great to see light and colour coming back into retail design. Where there was once a trend for dark, noisy, fragrant store interiors (A&F anyone?) there are now bold new environments that are anything but.

Welcome to the world of Diesel in Soho, a deceptively simple brand statement in red and white with a touch of blue. With light coming from ultra-efficient LED sources nowadays you can afford to splash it around a bit.

That ultra-bright centre area is lit by a Barrisol ceiling with additional help from track lights. And that blue alpine scene? It’s an LED wall so it can become summer at the flick of a switch.

One other thing - did you notice how tidy the ceiling is? No visible air conditioning, sprinklers, smoke detectors, etc. Someone has done a beautiful job of integrating the services - well done design team.


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