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Ubet New Farm Store Render Overview
Ubet New Farm Hero Shot Overview


New Farm, Brisbane
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TattsBet is one of Australia’s largest race and sports betting providers. McCartney Design has been working with Hulsbosch on the ‘TAB of the future’ prototype retail concept and we can now show a preview.
Ubet New Farm Store Front RenderUbet New Farm Interior RenderUbet Bleecher Seating and Sound CanopyUbet BYO Digital DeviceUbet BYO Digital Device iPadUbet Entrance Exit ThresholdUbet Bleecher SeatingUbet The Grandstand Seating


The release of the new retail concept follows the rebranding by Hulsbosch of the business as UBET.

To kick the project off, McCartney Design and Hulsbosch conducted an extensive immersion tour across retail outlets of all kinds, at different times in different locations, to fully understand customer behaviour to apply to the new retail concept

The brief was to create a new retail experience around wagering. We literally turned the existing concept inside out, placing all of the screen based information and live sports and racing at the centre of the experience, with stadium and bleacher type seating around the perimeter. The goal was to bring the stadium experience to life in the retail environment.

Ubet New Farm Customer ImmersionUbet New Farm Customer JourneyUbet New Farm Core ConceptUbet New Farm Core Concept ElevationUbet New Farm Initial SketchUbet New Farm Initial Soundcloud Concept

All aspects of the experience were re engineered, including specification and placement of screens, lighting, zoned sound control, self service terminals and wireless technology to allow customers to use their own or borrowed portable devices to place bets.

We have carefully aligned the colours and finishes with the UBET brand guidelines (created by Hulsbosch,) creating a seamless transition between the retail and online environments.

TattsBet Chief Operating Officer, Barrie Fletton, has said the new concept will be a best of breed experience for wagering customers globally.

“We think this will be a game-changer for wagering in Australia. Both racing and sports punters will notice a dramatic improvement….We’re working on ensuring all channels are delivering an exceptional experience and this new retail concept will do that.”


Interior Design by MCD

Brand Design by Hulsbosch

Ubet Store Plan RenderUbet Central Hub DesignUbet Seating Stand DesignUbet Stadium Seating ViewUbet Cash Desk ViewUbet Behind Cash Desk ViewUbet Entrance Rear View
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