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Retail Is Detail

Sometimes it’s the smallest detail in the least prominent of locations that gets your customer across the line into total immersion.

Here are some examples of great details in retail design that are microcosms of the total concept.

1. Butcher’s Hook. This chilling hook in the dressing room of the All Saints store in Westfield London, along with the authentically grubby tiles, disturbingly sums up the Jack the Ripper meets Baz Luhrmann world of All Saints.

2. Oh So Subtle. Look very closely at the end of this sign on Tokyo‘s Eight Million store and you’ll see that the section through the aluminum extrusion spells (guess what) “Eight Million.”

3. Cacophony. In my favourite ever Anthropologie display, not only are the vintage radios plugged in, but they are all tuned to different stations. And no attempt is made to conceal the ad-hoc electrical connection.

4. It’s Not Heavy. Look at the stainless steel beam, the wide strap and the oversized carabiner designed by Herno to support the weight of feather light puffer jackets. The integrated strip lighting and the Christmas tree are bonuses.

5. Added Value. Do you think the thick red elastic band was the selling point for these plain white sneakers? Just as much so as the wire basket I’d say. Slam dunk, J. Crew


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