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Five Facts About Your Brand. Yes, Yours.

A branded brown cow

1. IT'S ALL YOU'VE GOT. There are competitors who have better products than yours, and make them faster and sell them cheaper. Your brand is your only differentiator. You’d better look after it- it’s all you’ve got.

2. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. It’s what your customers think it is. If you want to really know what your brand values are, ask your customers.

3. IT'S NOT YOUR LOGO. Changing your logo and nothing else will have absolutely no effect. If your products were bad, they will still be bad. If your environment was off-putting, it still will be off-putting. If your communication was unclear, you will still not be understood.

4. IT'S WORTH MONEY. Align your products, environment, behaviour and communications, and your brand will become an asset of tangible value. It will make you money.

5. IT MATTERS. Brand messages can reach tens of millions. People react emotionally to them. Brands can make us think and maybe change our opinions and behaviour.

Who knows, one day a brand could save the world.


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