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Body Project
Body Project

Body Project

Nedlands WA
Supporting the Journey
Design Strategy | Branding | Interior Design | Working Drawings | Lighting Design | National Rollout


Our Client already has a successful retail chain specialising in bodybuilding supplements.

Their idea was to broaden the offer, supporting a wider customer base with a range of vitamins, supplements and aids to wellbeing. We were commissioned to design the new brand from scratch, including the name of the brand, identity and environment.
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The insight that we got from our initial workshop was that most customers have a specific project in mind. This gave a name to the store- Body Project. The purpose of the store was identified as Supporting the Journey.
The circle logo represents the stages of the journey. The colours provide energy and positivity and this is continued into the imagery in store. 
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When it came to expressing this in store, the customer journey began with the thought of “what’s your project?” At the front, for new customers, we have dedicated displays around the most common Body Projects, for example, Weight Loss, Strength or Endurance. And towards the back, for regular customers, it’s geared towards quick and efficient replenishment with more of a supermarket vibe. 
One of the achievements of this project was completing the store to a budget that suited the business plan and will facilitate ease of rollout. 
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