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Barbeques Galore Rollout




Designing the prototype for rollout.



Our prototype for the 500sqm “Express” stores started by making the new stores more attractive.  We achieved this by turning the existing floor plan inside out. Instead of putting smaller, lower priced items like rubs, sauces and accessories around the perimeter and barbeques in the centre, we moved the barbeques to the perimeter and placed the fun stuff in the centre front, thus attracting more customers more frequently.


This in turn made the store experience more immersive. By moving the barbeques to the perimeter, we were able to use the walls to tell stories about the products and engage the customers in a more meaningful way. In this way we made the first “Express” stores more productive. Immediately there was an increase in accessories and consumables, followed by an increase in barbeque sales.


But productivity is nothing without profitability, and that means keeping costs down. In creating the concept, we had to make sure it could be affordable and scalable. The concept itself did this, in using less fixturing overall and keeping the rest of the store quite minimal, depending largely on the merchandise to make it immersive.


The cost of the new concept was less than the old one, and even less when we discovered ways of bulk purchasing and sourcing. And everyone – including staff, customers, and even other retailers- loves it.


Built by: Unita

Photographed by: MCD

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