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Woolworths Wolli Creek
Woolworths Wolli Creek


Wolli Creek
A fresh take on supermarket signage
Design Strategy | Signage Design | Art Direction


Leading supermarket chain Woolworths wanted to revitalise their in-store experience. So they came to us seeking a completely new signage system – one that would embody the ‘freshness’ of their brand, but also give customers the information they needed. In the visually frenetic supermarket environment, this was no mean feat.
Woolworths Wolli CreekWoolworths Wolli CreekWoolworths Wolli CreekWoolworths Wolli CreekWoolworths Wolli CreekWoolworths Wolli Creek


We knew our signage system had to work on several levels. For a start, it needed to give shoppers clear and concise directions to help them find their way. But it also needed to deliver information about products, and of course convey the Woolworths brand essence.

With this in mind, we created a system combining large, permanent wayfinding signage with smaller more dynamic signage at eye level. This works well on a practical level – while the navigation signage is fixed, the rest is changeable, so it’s easy for Woolworths to freshen things up.

Woolworths Wolli Creek 1 - SKETCHWoolworths Wolli Creek 2 - SKETCH Woolworths Wolli Creek 3 - SKETCH

As far as the look and feel, we kept the aesthetic clean and bright. The chalkboard device has a fresh food marketplace feel, and we complemented this with large, appetising images of fresh food.

The new signage and livery is now being rolled out across Woolworths stores Australia-wide, with the assistance of an extensive style and inspiration guide we created as part of the package.

Woolworths Wolli Creek 1 - PLANSWoolworths Wolli Creek 2 - PLANSWoolworths Wolli Creek 3 - PLANSWoolworths Wolli Creek
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