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WeMake a Maker Space

Hot on the heels of our Jaycar Maker Hub, here’s WeMake, a project we put together for Mirvac at Rhodes.

 WeMake Creative Workshop & Studio Space

Next door to and connecting to a Jaycar store, WeMake is a general purpose space for making, well, anything. A totally flexible setup for anything from electronics to cheesemaking, this is open for classes for people of all ages and abilities.

It’s deceptively simple but carefully woven around several existing columns and has a multitude of functions. Power drops down from the ceiling, the lighting is totally flexible and there’s lots of pegboard to display what you’ve made- some of it’s even for sale!

It’s a two-year trial so it’s designed and built to a tight budget. We love working on new twists on retail. One of the trends for 2021 is a more considered approach to buying goods.

We’re helping people make their own.


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