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Passion is no ordinary word
30 October 2014

Passion is no ordinary word

Passion is no ordinary word, as Graham Parker sang many years ago. 

Retailers talk a lot about passion. In fact it’s the common brand value of almost every retailer I’ve dealt with. It’s not a differentiator. Passion isn’t what you talk about, it’s what you do. It’s not enough just to get into bed and say to your partner, “Hey, I’m really passionate!” That's too much talking and not enough action.
So don’t just put up posters to tell customers you are passionate about freshness. Demonstrate it to them. Show them the path from farm to store. Have uniformed freshness police to check it. Grow the produce in the store and let them pick it themselves.
Don’t just tell customers that you’re passionate about baking. Open up the kitchen to them. Let them see into the oven. Allow them to bake their own pies. Cramming a store with merchandise doesn’t show you are passionate about product. It just shows that your store’s too small or you have too much stock. Make room for the customer and show your passion by displaying the product in a unique and engaging way. Let them experience it and they will see and feel that you have an amazing range- no matter how wide or narrow it is.
Talk is wholesale. It’s not retail. Creating an experience takes real passion.
30 October 2014
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