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How much will that cost?
25 July 2014

How much will that cost?

We all know (don't we?!) that there is a real difference between price and value.

Price is based on what something costs. Value is based on the return on investment. Design should always be looked at as an investment, not a cost.

Most of the design industry works on a rate card, with different levels of experience corresponding to different hourly rates. Experienced designers generally cost more per hour.

That's because they are more useful to your business. They have served their time in the industry.

The really good ones do a lot of listening. Why? Because it’s only by asking the right questions, listening to the answers, and reading between the lines, that a designer can really begin to understand your business.

Good designers are good listeners. We need to be - how could we possibly add value to your business if we don’t take the time to truly understand it?

Our Clients always notice the time and effort we put into understanding their business and their brief. That’s where we add the value.

I'd would like to say that we have some really technical, fan-dangled process for this - but ultimately it comes down to being inquisitive, sociable and… human, by having conversations, exploring and listening.

Internally we recently went through the process ourselves as the Client. The McCartney Design creative offer expanded and Gary asked me to head up the newly formed Graphics team. One of the first challenges was to re-align the MCD brand and visual language with what the business had become.

Essentially we had to re-understand our business and how it added value to our clients’ businesses.

So we evolved the MCD brand; our logo, our visual look and feel, our tone of voice and web site etc, to truly reflect what we can now offer our clients.

We needed to create a strong platform that helped tell our story, with a tone of voice that communicated our personality and our way of working.

As a result of this collective expertise & creative input we can now articulate what it is that truly represents the value in what we do as a creative studio…

Integrated design, made beautifully simple.


Dean Hazelgrove is the Graphic Design Director of McCartney Design, an integrated design studio who turn complex problems into beautifully simple solutions.

25 July 2014
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