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How much is a piece of string?
21 January 2014

How much is a piece of string?

$9.99, if you buy it at Australia Post. Have a look- I have been thinking about it all afternoon. How do you sell half a metre of coloured string for ten bucks?

Well, this isn’t just any old string – it’s a vintage game called Cat’s Cradle. In the pack there are instructions on how to create all sorts of symmetrical patterns using the string and your hands. My grandmother knew advanced versions of the game including two person variations, which provided endless amusement, not to mention honing our hand/ eye co ordination skills. When you think about it, as distractions go, $9.99 isn’t a lot to pay for an educational toy that keeps kids amused for hours.

As I keep saying, in retail it’s the story that matters.


Gary McCartney is the owner of McCartney Design, an integrated graphic and interior design studio with all the skills and experience to help you tell your best stories.

21 January 2014
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