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Seen in Bangkok #4: Who’s a clever boy then?
1 May 2017

Seen in Bangkok #4: Who’s a clever boy then?

Containers are cheap and durable but have a few things going against them. The proportions for one thing- that are long and narrow and not the easiest of spaces to merchandise. Their narrow frontage generally results in an uninviting entrance and narrow display window. 

By putting their container into a space about twice its width and removing the sides the designers have opened up the space, enabling a full wall of merchandise on each side plus dressing rooms. Two hinged panels as closure double up as display windows and the container is held back enough from the lease line to allow a ramp up into it, forming a great transition zone. It’s beautifully simple and very inviting. This is just one of a collection of creative small stores by local designers at Siam Centre. 

Sometimes great things come in small packages.


Gary McCartney 

1 May 2017
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